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Google Cardboard Quickstart

Google CardboardWritten by: Bryan Tor
Updates provided by: Allen Brown, Bryan Tor
Last Updated: Fall Quarter 2017


The Google cardboard is a VR viewer designed to work with any phone. All the apps for the cardboard can be found on the app store.


For both Android and iPhone, the best place to start is downloading the official Google Cardboard app. Included with the app is Google Earth and Youtube.
Open up the app and secure your phone in the cardboard headset. Make sure it’s tight so the phone won’t slip out. After that what you try is up to you!


Many of the apps will have different ways of selecting and navigating the menus but there are two conventions for the cardboard.

Looking at something for a few seconds until it’s selected
Tapping the screen with your finger in the bottom right window of the headset.

Viewing your 360 Photos

To use the Google cardboard to view your photos you first need to move the pictures onto your phone. There are many apps you can use to launch your photos but I would recommend 360 Photo Player available for Android and IOS. Then you just need to launch the app and click on the plus in the middle to add your photos to the walkthrough.

Apps to Try

Titans of Space: A VR space tour showing the scale of planets and celestial objects.
Google Street View: Check out your block or go around the world to check out the wonders of the world.
Google Earth: Get a bird’s eye view of the world we live in.