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Tutorial for performing OCR scan with FineReader

When should you use FineReader?

FineReader is an optical character recognition application, developed by ABBYY. It allows users to convert their image documents into editable electronic formats, preserving and converting over text and photos with minimal errors.

However, if you do not need to perform optical character recognition, and just need to move your image into a document, you are better off copy-pasting the document directly.


Performing OCR with FineReader

Opening File for FineReader


When you open FineReader, you should be prompted to perform a New Task. This guide will cover the Quick Conversion options.






FineReader selecting image to process


Once you have selected your Task, you will be prompted to select the image that you wish to convert.







FineReader saving the file


After the image has been converted, you will be prompted to name and save the editable document that you selected earlier.







FineReader after analyzed image



After having performed a Quick Conversion, you can still export additional documents using your image, with options to make some modifications:

  • New Task: the “New Task” button will redirect you to the first menu screen that should have initially opened when you opened FineReader
  • Add Pages: the “Add Pages” button will let you add other images as new pages alongside your initial image
  • Read: if you have made any modifications to your image, the Read button will have FineReader perform another OCR scan of the image
  • Export: you can export your image into different editable documents
  • Share: you can share your image online
  • Image Editor: you can modify your image to remove blemishes, improve contrast, or rotate and rearrange
  • Inspector: you can specify how you want FineReader to perform the OCR scan. It is recommended that you do not change any of these values.

Exporting as other file types

FineReader exporting images


Once you have analyzed a document, you can also export into another type of editable electronic document. You should pick the format that best serves your purposes.







FineReader HTML export
HTML Format








FineReader pdf export

PDF Format






FineReader docx export

Word Document Format






Image Editor

FineReader croping image editor

FineReader offers an image editor if you need to make any modifications to your image. If FineReader was unable to read most of a document, we recommend that users modify the brightness and contrast to make the text more visible. Users can rotate the page of it isn’t aligned correctly. And users can also crop out specific portions of their image if they do not need everything presented.

Error Warnings

FineReader error panel


If FineReader detects any issues with your image, it will inform you in the errors panel. The error panel can be found on the left of the document, under the triangle warning symbol.