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Digital Scholarship at UCSC Libraries

3D Design

3D design is an incredibly powerful tool for scholars, researches, and students of all disciplines and levels. Creating engaging content that is both thought-provoking and accessible has created new spaces for people to share their stories. Allowing audiences to see data, research and projects fully formed in a digital 3D space opens the doors for new and invigorating dialogue around what that project can represent. We can offer robust advice and support for a wide range of 3D development  methods and provide various tools to support the digital 3D life cycle. Our computer lab in the DSC and our workstations in the DSI contains up to date 3D modeling software packages. We also support the 3D visualization in virtual reality at our VizLab and 3D printing in the DSI.


Here you'll find a growing list of tutorials and recorded workshops around the 3D life cycle.


Equipment + Spaces

The DSC offers a wide range of tools and spaces to support your digital 3D workflows.



Additional Resources

There are a number of good quality resources out there on 3D modeling and the different programs that can be used. Here are a few we like.