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Converting Keynote or Powerpoint to Video

Rachel Deblinger, Allen Brown, Bryan Tor, Thomas Sawano | Fall 2019

Keynote's "Export To" Option, found in "File" menu


Converting a Keynote Slidedeck into Video File

Export your Keynote Presentation as a Quicktime Vi

Before you start, create a slideshow in Keynote according to the assignment.
Save the Keynote File. Then export the slideshow as a QuickTime file or as separate images.


QuickTime: Exporting as a QuickTime file will allow you to designate the time each slide plays and you won’t have to edit the time in iMovie. (File>Export). When exporting, be sure to designate how long each slide should stay on the screen for.

Converting a Powerpoint Slidedeck into a Video File

Exporting your Presentation as Images

Create a slideshow in Powerpoint according to the assignment
Save the Powerpoint File. Then, save the slideshow as images.

Exporting as image files gives you more flexibility to edit the slides with the audio. To do so, go to File> Save as Pictures. You can then edit the length of each slide separately in iMovie.  (see instructions below)


(Note: you can save the slideshow as a movie, but it doesn’t import well into iMovie. You’ll have a harder time adding the audio to your movie)