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Wacom Inutos Paper Pro Quick Start

Nirupama Chandrasekhar | October, 2019


What's Included In The Kit

Wacom Pro Tablet


1 Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet 
1 Wacom Pro Pen
1 Pen Stand
1 Finetip Ink Pen
1 Paper Clipper
1 USB Cable

Setting Up The Device

1. Plug in the USB connector to the tablet, next to the Wacom logo, and plug the other end into your computer. Once the tablet is connected, a small blue light should light up behind the wheel button. 

The wheel button on the far left of the tablet in a red square

2. Grab the Wacom Pen and hover over the tablet surface. If the pen does not guide the mouse, and no software has been installed on your computer, go to this link, to download driver software. Make sure to download the correct driver for your operating system. 

Wacom tablet and the pen

3. Accept Terms and Conditions, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver. 

Screenshot of the Wacom Tablet license agreement

4. When installation is complete, configure Tablet and Pen settings as you would like on this screen. 

Screenshot of the Wacom settings

5. When finished with Wacom tablet, make sure to press the power button on the side here. 

The power button on the left side in a red square

Setting Up Paper Pro Mode

NOTE: Paper Pro Mode only works with Wacom's app Inkspace. Install Inkspace from Wacom's website here, and follow onscreen directions before setting up the Paper Pro. 

1. Attach the Paper Clipper to the Wacom Tablet carefully. 

Paper clipper attached to tablet

2. Clip a piece of paper to the paper clipper, over the surface of the Wacom Tablet. NOTE: Make sure that the piece of paper is only as large as the tablet surface, or not all of your drawing will transfer over. 

Paper attached to tablet

3. Take out your Fine Tip Pen and uncap it. WARNING: This pen uses real ink. DO NOT use on the wacom surface without paper, or you will severely damage the tablet. 

Fine tip pen

4. When the pen is uncapped, you will be able to use the Inkspace app to draw with the pen. Look for the green cross on the circular button to indicate that the Tablet has switched to Paper Pro mode. 

Green cross on circular button

5. Once you touch the pen to the surface of the paper, the green cross will turn blue. This means the Inkspace app is registering your drawing. If the cross does not turn blue, check that the Inkspace app is on, and that the pen sensitivity settings are properly calibrated. 

Green cross changed to blue

6. To finish a drawing, press the button with the blue cross, to save the picture. The drawing WILL NOT appear onscreen before the button is pressed. The button should turn green once more. Go to the Inkspace Home Page, and your saved drawing will be there. 

Press circular button to save

Setting up Wacom Buttons

1. Open up Wacom Tablet Properties from your Applications list. 

Wacom Tablet Properties

2. Under the heading: 'Tool', select the option 'Functions'. 

Function option in the tools selection

3. This Express-Keys set-up is the default settings for the buttons. Under the headings: 'Express Keys', 'Touch Ring' and 'On-Screen Controls', you can change the layout of the Wacom tablet and assign different uses to each button, as necessary. 

Buttons to change tablet layout

4. To change a setting, simply click on the scroll-down list, and find the settings you require. These hotkeys can range from different mouse click functions, opening up a specific app, or assigning a key from your keyboard to the Wacom buttons. 

Settings menu

5. Exit the screen once finished.