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A Quickstart guide to using the ScanSnap SV600 Scanners

Light Scan of a large art book

ScanSnap SV600 set up

ScanSnap SV600 Quickstart

Bryan Tor | Fall 2018

The ScanSnap SV600 is a contactless overhead scanner. It comes with basic image correction software, and is perfect for scanning books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents with uneven surfaces.




Webpage where to download ScanSnap software


In order to use the ScanSnap SV600, you will need to install the necessary software.

You can download the software here.

Make sure you have selected the correct scanner and OS versions.










Turning on the ScanSnap SV600


Once you have downloaded the software, turn and connect your computer to the ScanSnap SV600. You can do this by pressing any of the buttons on the ScanSnap SV600. The scanner should also automatically turn on when you connect your computer to it, via the provided USB cable.



Positining a book under ScanSnap SV600

Make sure that the document which you want to scan is properly positioned under the ScanSnap. While the ScanSnap software does correct any image skewing and can crop out portions of the scan that you do not want, it is still recommended that you position your document properly along the ruler guidelines located on the top of the fabric sheet. Try to align and center your document to minimize any changes that will have to be made later.





Starting a Scan from your Computer




You can start a scan from your computer, once you've downloaded the software.













Starting a scan from the ScanSnap via button




You can also start a scan by pressing the "Scan" button, located on the front of the ScanSnap.


Menu with a choice between saving and correcting ScanSnap scanned imageOnce the ScanSnap has competed scanning the document, you will have some correction options or the option to just save the image. If you are happy with the scan, you can just save the image from this point. If you are unhappy with the scan, then you should exit out of this window and perform a second scan with any necessary changes. If you are happy with the scan, but wish to make some corrections, then select the "Check/Correct" option.





Screen to correct scan skew



If you selected the "Check/Correct" option, then a window will appear where you can change the cropped area of the image.









ScanSnap Save Options


Once you're happy with your image and select the "Save and Exit" option, the SnapScan software will present you with several options on how to save your scan. Select the one that best suits your purposes.