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Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio

Digital Scholarship at UCSC Libraries

Image of the DSI from the entrance.

Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio

The Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio is located on the lower level of the Science and Engineering library. The Innovation Studio offers a variety of equipment and training to support your projects that bridge the digital and the physical using 3D data.  Our companion space, the David Kirk Digital Scholarship commons, can be found on the ground floor of McHenry Library.

Compels Curiosity. Sparks Conversation. Fosters Experimentation.

At the Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio, we are committed to:

  • Democratizing access to technology.
  • Creating opportunities for students to learn through Critical Making.
  • Building partnerships with UCSC faculty and staff to facilitate research and teaching that incorporates 3D data.
  • Developing and maintaining spaces that foster open experimentation and innovation.

Dino Raphael worked in the DSI from 2019-2023.  This interview encapsulates some of his thoughts about the work he did while he was here.