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Affordable Course Materials & Open Educational Resources

Options for Affordable Course Materials

Open Educational Resources (OER)
Free resources that can be customized and edited to fit instructors’ needs. OER include textbooks, question sets, videos, and other learning materials.

Library Course Reserves
Let us know what your students need for your course and we'll do our best to make your material available through Course Reserves! Includes eBooks, physical books, and streaming videos.

Access Code & Homework Alternatives
Proprietary homework systems are expensive and glitchy. Consult with the library to find alternatives or learn how to build your own solution.

Scan and Upload Materials to Canvas
If you’re only using a subset of the materials (instead of requiring students to purchase the whole text), UC provides guidance on fair use.

Make Your Materials Eligible for the EOP Textbook Program
EOP’s Textbook Access Program provides vouchers for students served by the EOP each quarter. Materials must be listed on the Baytree Bookstore's website to qualify for TAP so please record your course materials with Baytree.