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Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio

Safety + Policies

Our goal is to make this space as welcoming as possible to the entire UCSC community.  We believe that providing a safe environment is an important part of this goal.  Safety protocols must be observed at all times.  If our student workers request that you stop doing something because it's unsafe, you are expected to comply.  

Failure to follow our safety or usage policies may result in loss of access to the DSI.

General Safety Protocols

The following safety protocols should be observed at all times in the space:

  • No food or Drink
  • Equipment must be used in the locations placed by the DSI student assistants and should not be moved.
  • Equipment can only run when the DSI is open.
  • Materials not provided by the DSI may be subject to review by a DSI staff member.
  • Access to equipment is only provided to those who have completed training.  Do not provide access to others when you are monitoring equipment you're using.  If you are not trained, do not interfere with others using the equipment.
  • Never put your hand in any machine while it is moving.
  • Always ensure that the equipment settings are appropriate for the materials that you are using.

Usage Policies

  • Printing of weapons is prohibited (even in parts).
  • The 3D printers and other equipment may not be used for illegal activities.
  • The equipment may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • You are responsible for adhering to US copyright law and determining if your project fits under fair use policies where relevant.  Learn more about Fair Use.
  • All existing library policies must be observed while in the studio.

Space Related Safety Considerations

Air Cleanliness

Each of our 3D printers is in it's own filtered enclosure.  Each enclosure includes a HEPA filter for air cleanliness.  Patrons are limited to using filaments provided by the library, which are specially chosen to reduce the chance of harmful off-gassing.  

Fire Hazards

The carpet in the DSI has been reviewed and approved to meet fire safety standards. The printers are to be used in specific areas underneath sprinklers in the space. 

Burning and Personal Injury

Printers can only be used when the DSI is open to confirm proper use of the equipment.  Printers should remain locked in their enclosures at all times except during active loading of filaments, changing print heads, starting prints, or removing prints from the print bed.  Users are required to close and lock the printer while the printer is in use to prevent the possibility of reaching in during regular printer operation.