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Kristy GD, Dana Connard, and Bruce Horn | November, 2020

Zoom Cloud Recording provides a temporary cloud location where the instructor’s class meeting recordings are held until they are transferred to the YuJa Media Management system for permanent storage and sharing with students. As an instructor, your Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically transferred to YuJa and auto-captioned. Once this process is complete, you can edit your captions for accuracy, trim your recording to eliminate unnecessary content (if you wish) within Yuja’s video editor, and then publish your recordings to your class for students to review.

Please note: Zoom Cloud recording is only available to faculty, teaching assistants, and graduate student researchers.

Meeting Settings

Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically uploaded into YuJa and given a filename equivalent to the meeting name. Be sure to name your meetings with an identifiable topic (e.g. HIS100 Lecture).

When recording, please be sure to consider student privacy.
For privacy considerations, you should also set video to “off” on entry. You can turn your video on when you are ready.  This setting can be found in your meeting settings on the browser or through your Zoom program.

Zoom Host Settings

To start a cloud recording during a meeting, choose the “Record to the Cloud” option when you start recording.

Cloud Recording Options

If you have a meeting that has already been scheduled, you can edit any of these options before you start the meeting.

How to access the recorded video

You will get an automatic email from YuJa once the video has been processed, uploaded to YuJa, and auto-captioned. Once in YuJa, the video will have captions and can be directly integrated into your Canvas course.

Access Recordings in YuJa from Canvas

Processing time will vary depending on the length of your recording. Once you’ve received the email indicating your YuJa video is ready, follow the steps below to access it in Canvas and share it with your class

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to your course.
  2. Click on YuJa in the course navigation.
  3. Zoom Cloud recordings can be found in your “Default Collection” in YuJa labeled with the Zoom meeting title.
  4. You can review the auto-captions and edit them for accuracy.
  5. You can edit the video to trim off unwanted sections.

Yuja in Canvas

Sharing your Recordings

When making your YuJa media available to your students, embedding your YuJa videos directly into Canvas items (pages, as a module, etc.) is recommended. For instructions on how to make your YuJa media available to your students, visit the YuJa Instructions.