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Occulus Quest

Oculus quest headset

Oculus Quest Quickstart

Rasika Kale |  Winter, 2020

The Oculus Quest is a Virtual Reality Headset created by Oculus VR. It's a all-in-one gaming headset that allows a user to easily move around their environment and provides an excellent VR experience. 

Note:  You can pick up a one-time use face cover from the front desk. 


What's Included in the Kit

1 Oculus Quest Headset
2 Touch Controllers
1 Power Adapter
1 Charging Wire


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While in VR you can only see the virtual world and can’t see real-world obstacles. Take some time to clear out any chairs and desks from the blue play area. There are safety measures so you have a clear playspace but let people know to stay clear of the blue play zone and make sure to mind the bounds when you’re in VR. 

The main safety precaution is the real and virtual bounds of the playspace. You can imagine these as walls that you shouldn’t go past. Here are pictures of the real and virtual space so you can see how they correspond. 

Just watch your bounds, let people know to stay clear, and you should be fine. 


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Wearing the Headset

1. Press the power button on the right side of the Oculus Quest Headset. Power button

After pressing it, the button should emit a white light.

If the button emits a red light, it needs to be charged

using the charging cable. 


2.  Before putting on the headset, adjust the Velcro straps on the sides of the headset. Oculus headset adjustment

Pull the straps to make the headset tighter and push it back to

make it looser.

The straps are shown with the arrows.

3.  To put on the headset, push the straps up and place the headset on your eyes. Use your left hand to put the straps down onto your head. If you are wearing glasses, make sure to wear the headset front first.


Congratulations! The VR setup is ready to go, check below for the Tutorial. 

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Setting up the VR space

1. When the Oculus turns on, it will take a couple of seconds to load. Once it's done loading, you should see a black and white version of your surroundings. Grab the two remote controls now. 

2. A window will pop up shortly, directing you to create a series of boundaries using the remote controllers. These boundaries will help you define your play space. After creating your boundaries, a blue fence will appear around you representing the limits of your playable area. 

3. You will then be led to the main menu of the Oculus Quest where you can navigate to many applications. Trigger button

You can select anything on the menu by clicking on the trigger button on the

back of either remote control using your forefinger.

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Navigating VR

  • For most interactions, point with the controller and select with the trigger. 
  • Press the button with the Oculus icon to open the universal menu where you can,
    • Browse the library
      • You can see the entire list of installed games. 
    • Go to Home
      • The Oculus Home is the main menu. There’s a lot do to here and it’s a good way to get accustomed to VR.
    • Change Settings

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Audio And Vision



You can change the volume by pressing the volume button on the bottom right area underneath the headset.


You can change the distance between the lenses by moving the button left or right. This will help with adjusting your vision in VR. The button is located on the bottom left area underneath the headset.

The picture for the volume and lens distance button is shown below:

Volume and lens distance adjustors


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