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ArcGIS Online for UCSC

Daniel Story | Winter, 2021

There is a fairly generous free public account option for both ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps. But as a UCSC affiliate, you can register for a UCSC ArcGIS Online account, which opens up some additional features, especially in ArcGIS Online.

To register, fill out this ITS software request form.

– For "Type of Software," select "Web-based subscription."

– For "Software Name," input "ArcGIS Online."

– In the Request/Question field, state that you only wish to have access to ArcGIS Online, not install software.

You should get a follow up email shortly after asking you to finish setting up your account. A single ArcGIS account, whether free or UCSC-affiliated, should work for both StoryMaps and ArcGIS Online.

Additionally, it is useful to know that ESRI treats ArcGIS Online as the parent online platform. If you select the Content tab in ArcGIS Online, you’ll see a list of all the datasets, maps, and StoryMaps you’ve created. You can click on a StoryMap to go directly to the StoryMaps interface and start editing. (You can also go directly to the StoryMaps app.) The wrinkle is that when you are in the StoryMaps interface, there are no obvious links to take you back to ArcGIS Online. For that, I find it is best simply to open a new tab and go to