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Gear VR Quickstart

The Samsung Gear VRWritten by: Reed Scriven
Updates provided by: Reed Scriven and Allen Brown
Last Updated: Winter Quarter 2019


The Samsung Gear VR device uses the Galaxy S8 phone for Virtual Reality. By inserting the phone into the headset, the phone will automatically open the software to begin.

What's Included in the Kit

1 Gear VR Headset
1 Galaxy S8 Phone
1 Gear 360 Camera
1 Wireless Controller
1 Wired Pair of Headphones
1 Power Adapter and Charging Cable
1 User Manual


Setting up the Device

Remove glossy face cover from the Gear VR1. Remove the glossy face cover from the Gear VR by releasing the lock on the right side of the device.

2. Take the Galaxy S8 and unlock the device using the provided pin number.

Insert the phone into the headset3. Insert the phone into the headset by rotating the latch on the front of the headset back and plugging the bottom of the phone in.
Lock the phone into the headset4. Rotate the phone into the device until it clicks and you hear the phone make a sound.
5. You can now pick up the controller with the device and press any button on it for it to turn on and connect to the phone.
6. Put on the headset and use the focus wheel on the top to adjust until the image is clear. Now is also a good time to adjust the straps.
Samsung Gear VR Controller7. To recenter the controller in VR hold down the home button on the controller located below the trackpad on the right. This will recenter the controller where you were pointing it.


Navigating Virtual Reality

Samsung Gear VR and Controller labeledNavigating virtual reality is done by pointing the controller at which item you would like to select and then pressing the trigger. You can also swipe your thumb on the trackpad to scroll through menus. Knowing what these buttons do is helpful as you are not able to see youre hands in VR.

The Controller

Samsung Gear VR Controller Labeled

Important: To calibrate the controller, hold down the HOME BUTTON and point the controller forwards.

Trigger: It’s on the front of the controller and can be used to select. 
Touchpad: Tap to select. You can swipe left, right, up, and down to navigate menus.
Back: Will take you back a step. If you hold it down you can access the universal menu where you can change settings, re-center, or take pictures.
Home: Takes you back to Oculus home. If you hold it it will re-center the controller.
Volume: In the center of the controller. The top button raises the volume, the bottom one lowers it. 
All actions on the touchpad work the same as on the headset.
In VR, the controller will be on the lower right of the screen so you can reference buttons. To change to left handed follow the instructions in the troubleshooting section.

Headset Controls

Samsung Gear VR Labeled

Touchpad: You can swipe left, right, up, and down to navigate menus and tap on it to select.

Back: Will take you back a step. If you hold it down you can access the universal menu where you can change settings, recenter, or take pictures.
 Home: Takes you back to Oculus home.
Volume Rocker: They are tricky to find in VR but when you correctly press it it will show your volume level.
Try out the Tutorial on the left side of Oculus home.


Oculus Home

 Oculus Home is where you start in VR and you will be greeted with a curated list of virtual reality experiences as well as recently used apps. Use the controller to select these or use the tabs at the bottom of home to go to the library, store, or internet.  Jump right into something and know that you can always back out by pressing the right button on the controller to go back home. The Gear VR is preloaded with many exciting and educational virtual reality experiences but new ones are coming out all the time. Feel free to install free apps from the store. 


Tip: A good place to start is the tutorial which can be found by clicking on the library on the bottom of home, then on your left side, click tutorial. 


Viewing Your 360 Photos

Samsung Gear 360The Gear VR and Gear 360 work hand in hand. If you connect the Gear 360 to the Galaxy s8 you can save pictures directly to the phone to view in VR. Viewing your photos in VR is done by going to the gallery app within oculus home. On the left side of the menu there is an option called gear 360 where you are able to view the photos you took. For this method it is necessary to use the gear 360 app that is installed when you connect the galaxy to the gear 360.

NOTE : If you want to have a workflow from Gear 360 to Gear VR it is recommended to reserve both the Gear VR and Gear 360 from the library as the Gear VR comes with the Galaxy S8 phone with the 360 software.


Taking Apart and Putting Away

1. Take the phone out of the Gear VR by pulling back on the release lock.
2. Turn off the phone by holding the power button and shutting down.
3. Put the phone into its sleeve then into the case.
4. Put the controller into the same area as the phone.
5. Put the cover onto the Gear Vr and put it into the case.

NOTE: The controller turns itself off automatically so you don’t need to turn it off.

Frequently Asked Questions