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Center for Archival Research and Training (CART)

Descriptions of projects by current and former CART fellows

2022-2023: Ingeborg Gerdes

Ingeborg Gerdes Photographs

1 fellow


gerdes self portraits


In summer 2022, CART fellow Yulia Gilich processed the photographs of Ingeborg Gerdes (1938-2020). Ingeborg was a photographer and educator born in Germany, who later moved to California where she taught photography at UC Santa Cruz from 1981 to 2006, as well as the San Francisco Art Institute, Stanford University, and Cabrillo College. Gerdes created photographs on her many travels, including across Mexico and several countries in Europe and Asia, and she developed a keen fascination for the American West in particular. She captured moments of everyday life from the Mission District of San Francisco to Berlin, Germany, and participated in photographic survey projects supported by the National Endowment for the Arts in Baja California and Eastern Washington. 


gerdes contact sheets gerdes contact sheets in folder


The CART fellow re-housed, preserved, and described the photographs and papers of Ingeborg Gerdes, following the artist’s original organization of her own work. Photographic formats in the collection vary, and include exhibition prints, work prints, color and black & white negatives, slides, contact sheets, and some digital files. Papers in the collection include announcements and press about Gerdes's art shows, artist’s statements, correspondence, publications, teaching files and student work, information on galleries and exhibitions, other ephemera, and printing records showing her photographic processes.


gerdes color portraits gerdes file folders



After processing the materials in the Gerdes collection, the CART fellow will curate an exhibit during Spring 2023.


gerdes bw mission portraits gerdes bw mission portraits


gerdes swimming gerdes slides


Visit Ingeborg Gerdes's personal website for more information about her and examples of her artwork:



2022-2023: Agriculture, Labor, Community

Agriculture, labor, and community in Santa Cruz County

4 fellows


agriculture slides (friedland)



Four fellows are working with collections on the topics of agriculture, labor, and community in Santa Cruz County. The fellows are surveying, arranging, organizing, and describing the materials in the four collections, and are collaboratively curating an exhibit in Spring 2023.

Agriculture, labor, and community in Santa Cruz County:

William H. Friedland Papers

2 fellows


bill friedland


CART fellows Riley Collins and Summer Sullivan processed the papers of William Friedland (1923-2018), sociologist, labor activist, and founder of the Community Studies program at UC Santa Cruz.


friedland file folders

friedland labor songs


Friedland was an active labor organizer for the United Auto Workers and Congress of Industrial Organizations after working in automobile factories in Detroit. Returning to academia, he received degrees from Wayne State University and UC Berkeley, then taught at Cornell University where he established the Migrant Labor Project, which engaged undergraduate students with advanced field study practices. In 1969, Friedland joined the faculty at UC Santa Cruz and founded the Community Studies department. He also helped establish UCSC’s College Eight (now Rachel Carson College) as Social Sciences Dean. 


friedland agriculture slides friedland slides


Friedland’s papers include teaching files; research on migrant labor, agriculture of various crops, agribusiness, and sociology; manuscripts and publication drafts; field notes on migrant labor and farming; correspondence; labor and political songs; administrative files related to UCSC Community Studies; and field notes and interviews conducted by students regarding migrant farm labor. Also represented are materials connected to his work with UCSC’s Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS), now known as the Center for Agroecology.


These two fellows are collaboratively curating an exhibition on agriculture, labor, and community studies in Santa Cruz County, along with the fellows processing the papers of Florence Wyckoff, William MacKenzie, and the California Farm Reporter records.



lecture notes file folders


More information on William Friedland can be found in his oral history, Community Studies and Research for Change: An Oral History with William Friedland, available online via eScholarship.


Agriculture, labor, and community in Santa Cruz County:

California Farm Reporter Records

1 fellow


The records of the California Farm Reporter includes 12 boxes of journal issues, memos, correspondence, agendas, meeting minutes, and memos of the California Farm Research and Legislative Committee from the 1940s to 1970s. Main players in the records include Grace McDonald, the executive secretary for the California Farm Research and Legislative Committee and editor and publisher of the California Farm Reporter, and Helen Hosmer, the director of the research committee for the California Farm Reporter.


cfr issues cards



pamphlets documents


Carrie Hamilton, the CART fellow processing the California Farm Reporter records, is collaboratively curating an exhibition on agriculture, labor, and community studies in Santa Cruz County, along with the fellows processing the papers of Florence Wyckoff, William MacKenzie, and William Friedland.



Agriculture, labor, and community in Santa Cruz County:

Florence Wyckoff Papers and William MacKenzie Papers

1 fellow


CART fellow Brittney Jimenez processed the papers of Florence Wyckoff and of William MacKenzie, two local activists involved in the MAIA Foundation (Migration and Adaptation in the Americas), an organization formed in 1979 to support education, health, and housing initiatives benefiting the families of farmworkers in the Pajaro Valley area.




Florence Wyckoff (1905-2000) was a social activist and advocate of migrant farmworkers and children. She was active throughout the 20th century pursuing grassroots, democratic, community-building efforts in the service of improving public health standards and providing health care, education, and housing for migrant families. Her advocacy efforts were integral in the passage of the California Migrant Health Act and Federal Migrant Health Act in 1962, which established family health clinics for the families who follow the crops along both the eastern and western migrant agricultural streams.


pamphlets pamphlets


The papers include correspondence, research materials, government publications, and ephemera related to Florence Wyckoff's activism in the fields of health, housing, social work, cultural affairs, education, and the welfare of migrant farmworkers. Materials related to Wyckoff's involvement in organizations such as MAIA and The Environmental Community Housing Organization, Inc. (TECHO) in Watsonville are also included.


More information on Florence Wyckoff can be found in her oral history, Fifty Years of Grassroots Social Activism, available online via eScholarship.


mackenzie documents mackenzie documents


William MacKenzie's papers contain clippings, research material, meeting minutes, correspondence and organizational documents related to the activities of the MAIA Foundation (Migration and Adaptation in the Americas), which he helped establish along with Hubert Wyckoff. MacKenzie worked closely with students in his community through MAIA to prepare them for college, and kept in touch with them throughout their education. He conducted outreach and kept in contact with professors, scholars, activists, and politicians on the cause of increasing educational opportunities for young families of migrant farmworkers, advocating for the initiatives of MAIA and keeping research files on related topics and organizations. This correspondence and research makes up a significant portion of his papers.


mackenzie slide mackenzie slide


More information about the history of the MAIA Foundation can be found on their website:


Brittney Jimenez is collaboratively curating an exhibition on agriculture, labor, and community studies in Santa Cruz County, along with the fellows processing the papers of William Friedland and the California Farm Reporter records.


Past CART Fellows & Projects



Yulia Gilich: Ingeborg Gerdes Photographs and Papers

Brittney Jimenez: Florence Wyckoff Papers, William MacKenzie Papers

Riley Collins and Summer Sullivan: William H. Friedland Papers

Carrie Hamilton: California Farm Reporter Records


Jazmin Benton: "See you when I see you...": Black Student Life at UCSC 1965-present

Katie Ligmond: Viva los Libros: Latinx Artist Books in UCSC Special Collections

Christina Ayson Plank: Watsonville is in the Heart Oral History Interviews (exhibit: More than their Labor: Sites of Manong Labor and Leisure in the Pajaro Valley)

Sienna Ballou and Joseph Finkel: Miriam C. and Raymond C. Rice Papers

Anny Mogollón and Jacob Stone: Yamashita Family Papers


Brock Stuessi: Sara Halprin Interviews of Seema Weatherwax (exhibit: Echoes of Seema)

Joseph Finkel: "If I had to live my life over again, I would be a botanist": John Cage's Mycology Collection

Anny Mogollón: seeds and whispers: a glimpse into the Karen Tei Yamashita Papers

Eric Sneathen: Another Renga


Christian Alvarado and Patrick King: Hayden White Papers

Emily Travis: Kay Metz Papers

Vivian Underhill: Frederick A. Hihn Records


Jessica Calvanico, Morgan Gates, Hannah Newburn, Nicholas Whittington: Trianon Press Archive (exhibit)

Wyatt Young: Grateful Dead Artwork



Jay Arms, Madison Heying, and Jon Myers: Other Minds Records (exhibit)

Alessia Cecchet and Gabriel Mindel: Grateful Dead Business Records (exhibit)


Celebrating Innovation

Alina Ivette Fernandez: UCSC Feminist Studies and Women of Color Research Cluster Records

Megan Martenyi, LuLing Osofsky, and Alex Ullman: Shakespeare Santa Cruz Records

Maggie Wander: Ray Dasmann Papers


Reading Nature

Danielle Crawford: Ken Norris Papers

Alex Moore and Christine Turk: Lick Observatory Records


Activism in the Archives

crystal am nelson: Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones Photographs and Papers

Melissa Eriko Poulsen: Karen Tei Yamashita Papers

Samantha Williams: John Thorne Papers