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Center for Archival Research and Training (CART)

Fellows in the Center for Archival Research and Training are immersed in the work of the Special Collections & Archives department of the UCSC University Library, usually in service of making archival collections accessible to the public through arrangement, description, and the creation of collection guides. Another main component of the CART fellowship is creating an exhibition project to showcase the work the fellow has done on the collection, and also promote the discovery of the collection to researchers.


Archival Processing

unprocessed cartons on shelf

processed boxes on shelf


Each CART fellow arranges, describes, preserves, and provides access to unprocessed archival collections in the UCSC Special Collections & Archives. Fellows are trained by a professional archivist in established standards of processing, and follow the Guidelines for Efficient Archival Processing in the University of California Libraries.

Tasks include: 

  • conducting a survey of unprocessed materials
  • re-housing materials and making preservation recommendations
  • writing content descriptions of the materials in the collection
  • writing biographies and historical notes to provide contextual information on the creator of the materials
  • creating a public collection guide


Exhibition Curation

Each year, CART fellows curate a public exhibition of materials from the collections they processed. This is an opportunity for fellows to delve deeper into their own research interests with the collections, collaborate other with fellows, develop exhibition curation skills, and write for a public audience. 



exhibit cases

people looking at exhibit cases

people watching video at exhibit

close up of exhibit