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Center for Archival Research and Training (CART)

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Upcoming Events


Past Events


Some examples of past CART events are listed below.


"Tripping on Utopia" and Locavore Research with History Professor Ben Breen

Memory Work: Oral History as Toolkit for Creating a Living & Making an Impact

  • With guest Cameron Vanderscoff, Independent Oral Historian

Echoes of Seema Weatherwax: History, Sound, and Creative Practice in the Archive

  • With guests Brock Stuessi, CART Fellow, and Michael J. Kramer, SUNY Brockport

The Power of Words 

Copyright in the Archive

  • With guests Martha Stuit, UCSC Scholarly Communication Librarian, and Katie Fortney, CDL Copyright Policy & Education Officer

Conducting and Using Oral Histories

  • With guest Irene Reti, Director of Regional History Project, UC Santa Cruz
Planning for Archival Research Trips

Archival Silences

The Digitized Turn in Archival Research

Conducting Efficient and Holistic Archival Research

  • With guest Nathaniel Deutsch, UCSC Professor and Director of The Humanities Institute
Annual informational sessions on CART Fellowship program
Open discussion sessions