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Center for Archival Research and Training (CART)

2019-2020 Projects: Hayden White

Hayden White Papers


View the completed collection guide for the Hayden V. White Papers.


hayden white portrait

In Summer 2019, CART fellows Christian Alvarado and Patrick King processed the papers of Hayden White, a well-known historian, author of Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe, and Professor Emeritus in UCSC’s History of Consciousness department.

One fellow surveyed, arranged, organized, and described the materials in paper format that Dr. White created over the course of his career, ranging from the 1940s to his death in 2018. These materials include correspondence; teaching files; research notes; drafts of his writings; reviews; publication translations; White’s work as a student; lecture notes and other documentation from conferences, seminars, guest lectures, and other speaking engagements; and files White kept on authors and topics of interest to him. Also included are White’s documents pertaining to the White v. Davis case at UCLA in the 1970s, the California Supreme Court case that determined the police surveillance of political activity without reasonable suspicion of a crime was unconstitutional in California.


The second CART fellow surveyed, arranged, organized, and described White’s digital files, which range from the 1980s to 2018. The fellow appraised digital content for scholarly value, migrated original files to archival formats for long-term preservation and access, and wrote detailed descriptions that will assist future researchers in finding relevant materials. Digital material contains content similar to paper files, but also has manuscript drafts, research notes, photographs, and other digital materials that offer a more contemporary complement to the physical materials in the collection, and reveal a nuanced view of White's professional career. 


hayden white notes hayden white books



hayden white legal hayden white legal 2


hayden white draft


hayden white files emplotment


hayden white floppy disks


For more information on Hayden White, please consult his oral history, Hayden White: Frontiers of Consciousness at UCSC, part of the UCSC Regional History Project.


2019-2020 Projects: Kay Metz

Kathryn E. Metz Papers


kay metz

One CART fellow is processing the papers of Kathryn (Kay) Metz, Professor Emerita of Art who established the printmaking department at UC Santa Cruz in 1971. Before coming to UC Santa Cruz, Metz earned her MFA at UCLA, studied in Paris at the print studio Atelier 17, and taught at NYU. During her time at Santa Cruz, Metz developed innovative courses in the Art department, hosted numerous guest lectures, and mentored students throughout their careers. Following her retirement from UCSC in 1992, she continued painting and staying locally involved in arts and environmental initiatives. In 1997, UCSC's literary magazine Quarry West devoted its 33rd issue entitled “In Celebration of the Muse” to Santa Cruz women involved in the arts, which included pieces created by 12 local printmakers in honor of Kay Metz.



metz artwork metz artwork 2


The collection, which spans 35 linear feet, includes examples of Metz’s artwork including prints, portfolios, her files on specific projects, and exhibition files. Her teaching files include course materials for classes she developed in the UCSC Art department as well as administrative files which provide a glimpse into the Art department’s activities in the 1970s and 1980s. Also included in the collection are materials from Metz’s personal life, including diaries, notebooks, travel accounts, correspondence, her early school work, collected ephemera, and family photographs and albums.


metz album 2 metz album 3



metz letters


metz sketches


metz album metz files

2019-2020 Projects: Local History

Santa Cruz Local History - Hihn Family Papers


hihn ledgers circus


One CART fellow is processing collections related to local Santa Cruz history in the 19th and 20th centuries from multiple generations of the Hihn family, including entrepreneur and Hihn family patriarch Frederick A. Hihn. F.A. Hihn settled in Santa Cruz in 1851 after immigrating from Germany during California’s Gold Rush and was integral in the founding of Capitola as well as the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The Hihn family archives, along with materials from F.A. Hihn’s colleague C.B. Younger and his family, make up UCSC’s Hihn-Younger Archive, which has served as the foundation for many of the local history materials in Special Collections & Archives.


hihn family photos 3



The fellow arranges, preserves, and describes several Hihn family collections totaling about 45 linear feet. The papers of F.A. Hihn include personal letter books and land ownership records from the turn of the 20th century, business ledgers, deeds, maps, and records of real estate and city water usage. This project also includes the papers of Teresa Hihn Moore, granddaughter of F.A. Hihn; Wilhelmina Hihn Englander, great-granddaughter of F.A. Hihn and niece of Teresa; Helen Hihn Younger Goode, great-granddaughter of F.A. Hihn; and Stan Stevens, UCSC Librarian Emeritus who oversaw the Hihn-Younger Archive and compiled and edited publications related to the subjects of the Archive. These small collections include family photographs, scrapbooks, Teresa Hihn Moore’s book manuscripts, correspondence, ledgers, artifacts, postcards, ephemera, books and journals, and maps and records of several businesses including the F. A. Hihn Company, the Capitola-Hihn Company, the Santa Cruz Railroad Company, the Santa Cruz Water Company, and the Valencia-Hihn Company.


orchard co hihn landscape photos



hihn family photos 1 hihn family photos 2


For more information on the Hihn family, please consult the oral history by Mr. and Mrs. Darrow Palmer on the life of F.A. Hihn and Santa Cruz in the early 1900s, part of the UCSC Regional History Project. Additional oral histories on the history of Santa Cruz are also available online.


hihn sword hihn files