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Fellowships + Opportunities

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Digital Scholarship at UCSC Libraries

Undergraduate Digital Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Digital Research Fellowship is a two-quarter program for undergraduate students looking to build independent digital research projects. Students are introduced to Digital Scholarship methods and learn digital skills that allow them to build original digital projects.

Learn Digital Scholarship Methods and Tools

This fellowship is an opportunity for up to six undergraduate students to engage with the Digital Humanities—learning digital tools, methodologies, and community practices in order to build a research project of their own design. During Winter Quarter students meet every other week for hands-on workshops and meetings with DH practitioners. Topics covered can include digital project management, text analysis, visualization, 3D design, digital mapping, and audio and video editing.

The following quarter is dedicated to building individual projects. Participants receive individual mentorship and training to build a project that reflects their own research interests. Where appropriate, we encourage digital projects to be public-facing. At the end of the Spring Quarter, students will present their projects at the Digital Research Symposium.

Mentorship and Cohort Experience

Each fellow will be paired with a Digital Scholarship Librarian who will help think through the integration of technology and research based on the skillsets involved.  Students are required to apply with a faculty mentor who can help advise on the field specialty.  We encourage students to work with their mentor on setting up an independent study for the project and are happy to discuss how we can support that with the student and faculty mentor.

Through group meetings, fellow will learn as part of a cohort and receive feedback from their peers.

Financial Award

A $500 award to support the development or public presentation of their work.

Call for Applications

There is no active call for application at this time, but please do check back soon.