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Digital Scholarship at UCSC Libraries

Digital Instruction Project

The Digital Instruction Project is a year-long opportunity for faculty and instructors to develop and implement new, impactful digital assignments. The program provides time and space for focused, thoughtful conversation about pedagogy with a faculty cohort; one-on-one consultations for assignment development; and student peer-to-peer support implemented digital assignments.

Cohort participants commit to:

  • Design of a new digital assignment or to digitally rework of an existing assignment 
  • 4 cohort meetings spread across the academic year
  • Individual consultations with Digital Scholarship Staff to hone assignment and plan for implementation
  • Public presentation of the assignment after it has been implemented

Call for Applications

There is no active call, but check back soon.

The Digital Instruction Project is supported by the Digital Scholarship Department in the UCSC University Library and Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning.

Past Fellows


Jeffrey Erbig (LALS)
Thomas Retterwender (Architecture)


Maya Peterson (History)
Matt O'Hara (History)
Catherine Jones (History)


Noriko Aso (History)
Cat Ramíre (LALS)
Amanda Smith (Literature)


Philip Longo (Writing Program)
Kyle Parry (HAVC)
Cat Ramirez (LALS)
Amanda Smith (Literature)
Dustin Wright (History)
Zac Zimmer (Literature)