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Library Strategic Directions

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Access and Discovery

The Library promotes the discovery of information and informed, inclusive access to scholarly resources.


Leverage the potential of the UC system in the design and implementation of a single user-centered discovery system in order to provide seamless access to all ten UC library collections 

Engage library users with owned and open-access collections including primary sources and data, ensuring the breadth of our collections are discoverable

Apply a variety of collection and access strategies to meet information needs of the diverse campus community with varying levels of research experience


  • Enable an enhanced and user-centered level of integration with the other UC campus libraries in core functional areas: circulation, management, and sharing of print, media, and electronic collections 

  • Assess user interactions and electronic accessibility tools with the Library’s web properties to better facilitate discovery and access to library services, collections, and resources for all users

  • Leverage our experience with implementation of a discovery system to support the successful adoption of a systemwide shared integrated library system

  • Assess descriptive metadata for racist, sexist, ablest and other oppressive terminology. Work to ensure more inclusivity by implementing reparative description and contextual statements in collection descriptions

  • Implement a new collection management system with unified discovery layer

  • Equip students and faculty with information about how to expand research by utilizing collective collection partnerships such as the HathiTrust

  • Integrate open access scholarship, discovery tools, and special/general collection resources into the Library's discovery infrastructure and educational materials