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Simple Pages

What are Simple Pages?
Simple pages are webpages on your Omeka site that are not part of an Exhibit, are not Item pages, and are not dynamically generated pages (eg. pages listing collections, items, etc.). They are free-standing pages that you construct using an editor box that allows you to write text, insert images, and even embed videos. Simple Pages that you create can be added to your site navigation and are a great way to create "About Me" pages.

Create a Simple Page

Add a New Page

Simple Pages in left navigation menu
  1. Click "Simple Pages" in the left menu
  2. Click green "Add a Page" button
  3. Assign a Title (required)
  4. Assign a Slug / URL (optional)
  5. Click the "Use HTML editor?" box to enable the options (bold, image upload, linking, etc.) in the Text editor box


Add Images to Your Simple Page

  1. Select the Image button (it looks like a little tree) in the text editor
  2. In the pop-up box, enter the URL for the image that you want to add. This URL must end in the image file type such as ".jpg" or ".gif" (eg. or*
  3. Click the green "Insert" button


*What if my image isn't online yet?

  1. Upload your image to your Omeka site as an Item
  2. View the Item page
  3. Right click and select "Copy Image Location" from the pop-up menu
  4. Use the copied location for the "Image URL"


Embed a Video in Your Simple Page will let you embed videos from trusted sources such as YouTube or Vimeo

1. Share, 2. Embed, 3. Copy embed code

Get the embed code

  1. In YouTube or Vimeo, select "Share"
  2. Copy the entire "Embed" code

Add the Embed Code to Your Page

  1. Click the "HTML" button in your text editor
  2. In the pop-up box, paste the entire embed code
  3. Click "Update"


Add a Simple Page to Your Site Menu

You can add simple pages to the navigation menu on your Omeka site

1. Appearance, 2. Navigation
  1. Click on "Appearance" on your top Admin menu
  2. Click "Navigation"
  3. Find the "Add Link to Navigation" box (below the current menu items listed on the page)
  4. Assign a "Label", this is what you want your menu item to be called
  5. Paste in the URL for your simple page in the "URL" box


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