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Digital Exhibits

What is a Digital Exhibit?
A digital exhibit allows you to pull together items from your Omeka site into a single exhibit space. You can then contextualize this assemblage of items by providing narrative text that tells a story or makes an argument.

Add a New Exhibit

Add Exhibit

Add a New Exhibit:

  1. Click on "Exhibits" in your left-hand menu
  2. Give your new exhibit a title
  3. Optional: The "Slug" is the URL for your exhibit. If you leave it blank, the URL will be all of the words in the title connected with hyphens (example: You can choose a custom URL by filling out the Slug field.



The Description/Summary Page:

You have two choices for the first page in your exhibit:

  1. Fill in the "Description" box on your "Exhibit Metadata" page and use this as the first page in your exhibit by leaving "Use Summary Page?" box checked.
  2. Uncheck the "Use Summary Page?" box to make the top Exhibit Page the first page in your exhibit

Add Pages to an Exhibit

Adding pages:

  1. Click the green "Add Page" button
  2. Give your new page a title. The title of your page will be displayed in the left menu for your exhibit.
  3. The "Page Slug" will be the URL for the page; Omeka will fill this in for you when you save your page.
List of Pages in Admin view Left Menu Showing Pages in Public view
left menu


Tip: You can re-arrange your pages or designate sub-pages by dragging and dropping the pages in Admin view

Add Content Blocks to a Page

An exhibit page will have one or more "Content Blocks." You can combine different types of content blocks to give your pages more variety.

Content block options:

  • File with text: displays one or more item thumbnails with text
  • Gallery: displays multiple item thumbnails; option to include a larger "showcase" item and text
  • Text: displays only text
Content Blocks on a Page in Admin view Same Page in Public view


This example combines a Text style content block above a Gallery style content block.

Select "Layout Options" for additional styling and layout possibilities

Add Items to a Content Block

Add Item
  1. Click "Add Item" in your Content Block
  2. Select the item you wish to add (note: this list will include all items in your site, use "Show Search Form" to find specific items)
  3. Click "Select Item"
Attach an Item
  1. In the "Attach an Item" pop-up use the "Provide a caption" box to enter the text for your caption
  2. Optional: You can change you caption style by using text options (eg. bold, italic) or alignment options (eg. center align)


Item with Caption in Admin view Item with Caption in Public view


Add Narrative Text

Text Box
  1. Locate the "Text" box in your Content Block (under the Items)
  2. Enter your narrative text. This is where you can provide context for your items and tell your story!
  3. Optional: Use Bold, Italic, alignment options, list options, to change the appearance of your text
  4. Click the green "Save Changes" button on the right to save your work


Add hyperlinks to your text

Highlighted text in WYSIWYG box
  1. Highlight the text that you wish to link
  2. Click the chain icon on the top bar
  3. Enter the link URL in the "Link URL" field
  4. Click "Insert"


Video: Using Exhibit Builder

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