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Aeon instructions

Instructions on using Aeon to request materials from Special Collections and Archives.

Use Library Search to place a request

Follow these steps to request from the library catalog (link to scoped spec coll search):

  1. Click on the item to "open" the record.
  2. Scroll down and click on Special Collections Request Form. 
  3. If you are not already signed into your Aeon account, you will be prompted to do so at the next page. 
  4. The title, call number and publisher will automatically the Aeon request form.
  5. Add special requests and/or notes to the request.
  6. Schedule the date you'd like to visit or use Keep for My Review.
  7. Click on Submit.  If you select Keep for My Review, library staff will not see your request. You will need to return and schedule a date to visit in order for staff to receive your request.


Request from a Collection guide

Using Library Search, find the item you would like to request 

  1. Click on the record to open it
  2. Select  Related Links in the record
  3. Click on the Collection guide link
  4. You are now in the viewing the guide in the Online Archive of California. Look through the Collection guide and determine if you want to request anything
  5. When you are ready to request boxes click on the Request Items box. 
  6. The Collection guide will change to a page where you can click on the boxes you wish to view. 
  • You are limited to ten active requests at a time. We give you the entire box to view in the reading room. Ignore the folder numbers and request by the box in order to maximize the boxes you can view. In other words just click one box if all of the contents you want to see are in the same box.