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Transfer or Donate Collections to the University Archives

Procedures for Preparing and Transferring Records


The University Archives only accepts material judged by the University Archivist as having long-term historical value. It is preferred that material be properly boxed by your department prior to pick-up. This will often result in a faster transfer time. Transferring a large amount of boxes (typically more than six) will need to be conducted by library facilities and requires advanced notice. Please plan accordingly.


  1. Use the right boxes and folders. Please use boxes measuring 10"x12"x15". Boxes and folders are available for free from the archives, and can be delivered or picked up.
    • For legal-size files, 1 file drawer will require 2 boxes.
    • For letter-size files, 2 file drawers will require 3 boxes.
    • For oversized material, please contact the archivist with measurements
  2. Pack the records scheduled for transfer. The records will need to be boxed properly. Do not over-pack or under-pack the boxes. Ensure that the lid will fit properly.
    • A correctly packed box will have enough space to remove and replace a file folder easily, but not so much space that the folders fall or bend.
  3. Maintain the filing arrangement of the records (i.e. alphabetical, numerical, chronological, by subject, by committee).
  4. Ensure that the files are clearly labeled; include span dates. (Example: Space Planning, 1983-1990).