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Locating and Using Library Books

About Collection Maintenance

We take care of the libraries’ physical collection ensuring that it is easily accessible to all our patrons and kept in good condition. Our responsibilities include shelving, shifting, sorting, binding, searching for missing items, preservation, and making sure the stacks are presentable and organized. 


Why are there loud vacuums in the library?
Throughout the year, there will be various projects taking place in the stacks depending on the needs for the general upkeep of the libraries. The vacuum cleaning is necessary not only for the beautification of our collection, but also for the hygiene of our books.

What is the stacks?
The stacks refers to the general collection of the library — i.e., the part of the collection that is readily available for circulation — located on the third and fourth floor of McHenry Library and on the Lower Level of Science & Engineering Library. 

Where are the newspapers?
The newspapers are located on McHenry's second floor on a low bank of shelves directly across the Reference section by the sofa lounge area.

Where are the current periodicals?
The current periodicals are shelved in the stacks with their respective bound volumes.


Collection Maintenance