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Information on the Santa Cruz chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-SC).

Research & Professional Development

Guidelines for Use of LAUC-SC Research & Professional Development Funds


Every fiscal year Research & Professional Development funds are available for each librarian. Librarians may use these funds for meeting and conference expenses, for professional membership fees or expenses related to other research activity (for example, travel and supplies), or to supplement funding for a pre-approved LAUC research grant. Librarians may also apply for these funds to conduct a research project.


LAUC/SC Review Procedures

  1. Meetings, professional fees, and research activity

To expedite the approval process these types of requests are not generally evaluated by LAUC/SC. The LAUC/SC R&PD chair will approve these requests as funds are available. At the chair’s discretion the whole committee may review requests that seem unusual.

  1. Research projects

All requests for funding for research projects will be reviewed by the LAUC/SC R&PD Committee, which consists of the vice-chair, the LAUC representative to the University-wide R&PD Committee, and one other member appointed by the Executive Council. The Committee will convey their recommendation to the University Librarian, who will make the final decision.


Suggested model for research project proposals

A research project proposal may include as appropriate:

  • Title or descriptive phrase
  • Scope of the project, statement of need for research
  • Methodology
  • Itemized budget
  • Projected timetable
  • Request for leave with pay
  • Additional sources of support
  • End results expected, e.g., report, article, book
  • Other supporting documentation


Reporting requirements for research projects

Successful applicants will submit a written final report within 90 days after completion of the project to the LAUC/SC vice-chair. A concise narrative report of progress and a budget statement will be submitted yearly until the project is completed.


Approved 16 June 2016

Updated 23 June 2016

Statewide R&PD

Examples of successful grant applications

LAUC-SC members:

To view examples of successful past applications for LAUC Research and Presentation grants, visit the LAUC Grant Examples folder in the LAUC-SC Team Drive (sign-in required).