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Information on the Santa Cruz chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-SC).

Academic Personnel Procedures For the Appointment, Promotion, And Advancement of the Librarian Series (PAPA/LS) University Of California, Santa Cruz

I. Academic Review of Members of the Librarian Series

The following documents, procedures, and forms are used for the Librarian Review process. DivData is the system used for all UCSC academic employee reviews. 

Review Procedures & Calendar

Review Documentation Guidelines for RIs

Review Documentation Guidelines for Candidates

III.  Miscellaneous Documents

CAPA Reports, Minutes & Handouts

CAPA Membership

Current Members:

Chair: Susan Chesley Perry

Chair-Elect: Lucia Orlando

Member-at-Large (2019-2021): Kate Dundon

Member-at-Large (2020-2022): Alix Norton

Membership Roster (2001-)

Sample Documents