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Google Scholar

Parts of a search result

google scholar search result

Default Search Features

Using  AND  is implied:
Search words are automatically linked with AND

Keyword search: 
Searches citation, abstract and any full text

Not case sensitive: 
Capital letters are ignored

Locating Full Text

A few things to try:

  • Click a library link, e.g., "UC-eLinks", to the right of the search result;
  • Click a link to the PDF or HTML version the right of the search result;
  • Click "All versions" under the search result and look to review alternative sources;
  • And finally, click "Related articles" or "Cited by" under the search result to explore similar articles.

Note: If you're are a current student, faculty, or staff at UCSC, but don't see links such as "UC-eLinks" go to "Access Library Resources from On-Campus and Off-campus" for more help.

Find more recent results

Search results are sorted by relevance, not by date. To find newer articles, limit by date:

  • Click "Since Year" to show only recently published papers, sorted by relevance;
  • Click "Sort by date" to show just the new additions, sorted by date;
  • Click the envelope icon to have new results periodically delivered by email.

Improve your results

  • If your topic is new to you or complex, a quick look at a scholarly overview can help you add useful terminology to your searches. A great source to try is Gale Virtual Encyclopedia

  • Also click "Related articles" or "Cited by" to see closely related work, or search for author's name and see what else they have written.