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Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar's Advanced Search Feature

To open Advanced Search in Google Scholar

1) Select the menu icon from the upper left corner:

google scholar advanced search icon

2) Select Advanced Search from the pull down menu:

google scholar advanced search option

3) Use the search boxes to refine your search:

google scholar advanced searchbox

Type in an Advanced Search any time!

Put Advanced Search commands directly into your Google Scholar searches: 

Wildcard *

Add * add to a word as a wildcard for variant versions


(Retrieves: environment, environmental, environments,etc.)

"phrase searching"

retrieves an exact match of phrase

"genetically modified"


retrieves search results with any word(s)

marathon OR race

exclude -

use - to remove results that include a search term

web -spiders


word(s) appear in title of item



retrieve items from a specific publication



search only specific types of sites or domains

date range

Use Any Time option from the left of the results page


Tip: Exact Matching Phrase Search

  • Use "with the exact phrase" box to search for an exact match of your words/phrase 
  • Use "quotation marks" around your wrods/phrase when using any other searchbox options to get an exact match for your search terms.

Tip: Author Search

Use the "Return articles authored by" searchbox or author:

  • Put quotation marks around the last name along with a first name or initials to make sure they stay together:
    • "deborah a murphy" or "d a murphy"
  • Initials can be used with or without a space between them:
    •  "d a murphy"  or "da murphy"
  • Order of first and last name doesn't matter:
    • "deborah murphy"  or "murphy deborah"