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Social Documentation Research Guide

Signing in and Database Information

UCSC Library provides specialized databases for searching for and accessing secondary sources. These resources require Signing in. Use the VPN in order to access these. More info on the VPN can be found here:

A full list of UCSC databases is available here:

Before searching databases, you might start by browsing this journal on documentary filmmaking:

Academic Books and Journal Articles

For access to full text articles you can use these Journal Archives databases (depending on your subject these may only provide limited results):

For Film and Media Studies Specific Articles try:

For a wider scope of articles out in the world of scholarship, use an Article Index. Though these focus on describing articles, and may only provide some full text, these databases provide a linking tool (called UCeLinks), which provides options to access the articles you discover. Get started with these, or use the A-Z Databases list ^ to identify more relevant databases or ask a librarian for suggestions:

For a convenient way to search across databases use these (these may include full text or information about finding in the Library):

For advanced researchers, these databases provide a way to view the collections at other libraries (other UCs or libraries worldwide). Use these to find films as well: