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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons

Digital Scholarship Commons


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Compels Curiosity. Sparks Conversation. Fosters Experimentation.

The David Kirk DSC is located on the Ground Floor of McHenry Library. We are committed to:

  • Providing access to hardware and software that enable new modes of knowledge building
  • Creating opportunities for students to integrate digital tools into their learning
  • Building partnerships with UCSC faculty and staff to facilitate digital research and scholarly publication
  • Developing and maintaining spaces that foster experimentation and innovation


Do you have a digital research project you'd like to share?


Apply today

The Digital Research Symposium will take place May 24th from 10-12 in the DSC.

  • Present your project on the VizWall
  • Share your game in the VizLab
  • Show off your website or digital visualization on a mobile presentation screen
  • Share your podcast

If your project is digital in nature, we’d love to have you apply.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The earlier you apply the better your chances are of receiving your preference of equipment and presentation style.