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Digital Scholarship Commons

Audio Recording

The DSC supports audio recording and editing by offering recording space, equipment, workstations, and project advice.

Audio Production Studio

The Audio Production Studio (APS), located just off the DSC Lab in McHenry 0384, is a fully equipped audio recording studio geared for spoken word and basic music recording. The sound-treated space comes equipped with an iMac for recording and editing (software includes Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, GarageBand, and Audacity), two Shure MV7X microphones on boom arms, a Steinberg UR44C audio interface, and additional mic stands.

Reserve the Audio Production Studio

APS key can be checked out at the Media Desk in the DSC.

Note that this space is sound treated, but not sound proofed. While the room is located in a quieter part of the library, there may still be some noise from nearby offices and the DSC Lab. While we cannot guarantee a 100% quiet environment, the Shure MV7X's do a very good job of rejecting extraneous noise both inside and outside the room.