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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons

To view online support services for Digital Scholarship during the Spring 2020 Quarter, visit our modified home page.


The software listed below is installed on the computers in the DSC Lab and the VizLab and is available for use by any UCSC affiliate.  To use the software, you must first register for a password.

Note that this software is NOT take-home software.

Please Note

The DSC lab workstations log usage statistics.  We do not retain a record of websites visited or searched.  

Usage statistics include information on which programs are being used and for how long.  These statistics help us determine what software to maintain, workshops to offer, and how best to support the digital goals of our users.

For more information on UCSC campus policies regarding computer usage, please see the Accepted Use Policy ➚ and the Traffic Monitoring and Privacy ➚ statement.