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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons

DSC Lab Workstations 5 - 8DSC Lab

McHenry Library, Room 0390A

The DSC Lab provides access to 8 high-end Mac computers, 2 overhead scanners, 1 large format scanner, and a meeting area with a large 4k screen. This space is reservable for class sessions, workshops, and project team meetings. The lab, equipment, and space reservations are available to UCSC affiliates.



Quarter Hours

Sunday - Thurs. 10am - 10:30pm
Friday                10am - 5pm
Saturday            11am - 7pm

Summer Quarter Hours

Monday - Thurs  1pm - 8pm
Friday                  1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Break Hours

Monday - Friday  1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Extended Hours

Sunday - Thurs. 10am - 2am
Friday                10am - 12am
Saturday            11am - 12am 


Workstation Information

The Digital Commons provides access to software and hardware, but we cannot provide expert support for all functionality. The user is responsible for all work conducted on these workstations. 

Saving Work

  • These are public computers.  Data saved on the machines can be viewed by others.  Please care for your data responsibly by saving it to an external hard drive or cloud storage. 
  • Files saved to the “DS Commons” folder are accessible from any DSC computer.
  • All data is deleted at the end of each quarter.

Need Help?
We can provide limited help during our Student Support Hours.  Our software tutorials provide introductions to some of the software we have used to support classes on campus.

Please Note

The DSC lab workstations log usage statistics.  We do not retain a record of websites visited or searched.  

Usage statistics include information on which programs are being used and for how long.  These statistics help us determine what software to maintain, workshops to offer, and how best to support the digital goals of our users.

For more information on UCSC campus policies regarding computer usage, please see the Accepted Use Policy ➚ and the Traffic Monitoring and Privacy ➚ statement.