University Library

Call Number and Cruzcat Locations

Call number

call number example  

The Library uses mainly Library of Congress call numbers for books and periodicals. Search for the book in CRUZCAT, the UCSC Library Catalog. The results screen will tell you the location, call number, and whether or not the book is available on shelf.



McHenry Library

Child Curric 4
GovPubs 2
McH Microfrm 2
McH Protect Circulation Desk - 2
McH Ref 2
McH Ref Desk 2
McH Reserves Circulation Desk - 2
McH Stacks  3 & 4
DSC  Digital Scholarship Commons  1
NRLF   Northern Regional Library Facility Off Campus
Oversize 4
Spec Coll 3


McHenry Library

Call Number Floor
A 3
B 3
C 3
D 3
E 3
F 3


H - HJ 3
HM - HZ 4


K 4
L 4
M 4
N 4
P 4
TR 4
Z 4


Science & Engineering Library

East Asian Coll Lower Level
S&E Lib Protect Circulation Desk - Main Level
S&E Microfrm Lower Level
S&E Reserves Circulation Desk - Main Level
S&E Stacks  Upper Level, Lower Level
 NRLF Off Campus


S&E Library

Call Number Floor
G - GE Upper Level
Q - QE Upper Level
QH - TP Lower Level
TS - TX Lower Level
U - V Lower Level