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Special Collections & Archives at UCSC

On this page you'll learn: 

Additionally, please read our Reproduction and Use Policy to to learn more. 

Requesting Reproductions from Our Collections

You may initiate your request for a copy or scan of Special Collections & Archives materials in a few different ways: 

Fee Information

UCSC Special Collections & Archives charges fees for reproduction services on a cost recovery basis. Payments must be made by credit card via the UCSC Special Collections Request System. Payments may also be made by check, made out to the University of California Regents. Payment in full is required before orders are processed. Sales tax will be added to all reproductions.


UCSC Special Collections & Archives reserves the right to limit the number of items from a particular collection that will be copied for off-site use.


UC users: UC users are defined as UC faculty, staff, and students. UC user fees apply to university-directed research only. Patrons are limited to requesting up to 100 reproductions per year.


Processing Fee: A processing fee of $30 per hour after the first 2 hours will be charged for work performed by Special Collections to cover the search and retrieval of material. If thumbnail images are required for final selection and ordering of reproductions, a processing fee of $30 per hour, starting with the first hour, will be charged for work performed by Special Collections to create thumbnail files.

Shipping and mailing costs: There is no charge for digital files delivered via email. Costs for special mail handling such as UPS express, overnight delivery, or special shipping will be added accordingly to the reproduction and usage costs.

Reproduction Fees

High Resolution Digital Images (TIFF, JPEG)


This price is inclusive of a high resolution, 16 bit RGB TIFF file and electronic delivery. For more details on scanning resolutions, see the explanation page.


Service Fee (per image)

UC Users

Non-UC Users

Original scan (no high-resolution digital image on file)

$30 + tax

$60 + tax

Duplicate scan (high-resolution digital image already on file)

$15 + tax

$30 + tax

Processing fee (by the hour)


For original duplications, estimate 2-3 hours total. For duplicate files, estimate 1 hour total.

Waived for the first 2 hours; $30 per hour thereafter

Waived for the first 2 hours; $30 per hour thereafter

Audio, Film, Video

Digital files made from audiovisual material in our repository are intended to support research, teaching, and private study. Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to duplicate any commercially produced audiovisual materials. 


In-house digitization services are designed for access purposes, and we cannot guarantee publication quality files. Users are responsible for any post-digitization clean-up work that is needed for publication purposes. Other formats, rush orders, and large quantities may be referred to an outside vendor at the discretion of library staff and will be billed at cost. All files are delivered electronically via the UCSC Special Collections Request System. We are unable to deliver files via CD or DVD.



Service Fee (per item)

UC Users

Non-UC Users

Audio cassette, audio reel or VHS tape (digitized in house)

$30 + tax

$60  + tax

CD or DVD (digitized in house)

$15  + tax

$30  + tax

Film reels (digitized by vendor)

Determined by vendor. Contact Special Collections for details.

Determined by vendor. Contact Special Collections for details.

Processing fee (by the hour)


For original duplications, estimate 3 hours total. For duplicate files, estimate 1 hour total.

Waived for the first 2 hours; $30 per hour thereafter

Waived for the first 2 hours; $30 per hour thereafter


Text Documents (PDFs)

We are unable to create PDF scans of photographs, negatives, slides or transparencies. Photocopies are no longer provided.


Service Fee (per page)

UC Users

Non-UC Users

8.5x11 or smaller

$.50 + tax

$1 + tax

Oversized material

$1 + tax

$2 + tax

Processing fee (per transaction, by the hour)


For PDF scans, estimate 1-2 hours per transaction.

Waived for the first hour; $30 per hour thereafter

Waived for the first hour; $30 per hour thereafter

Use Fees

While UCSC Special Collections & Archives owns the materials in our collections, we typically do not own the copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred to the UC Regents, or when the material was created by the university. Permission fees are only charged for materials with copyright owned by UC Regents.


Permission is granted for one time non-exclusive use.


UC users are not charged a use fee for materials with copyright owned by UC Regents.


Please cite all reproductions:

“Courtesy Special Collections, University Library, University of California Santa Cruz. [collection name.]”


Use Fee (per item)

Non-profit Use

Commercial Use




Book Cover/ Advertising/Non-editorial (cards, calendar, etc.)



Book Cover






Internet/Web Site/Mobile App


Citation must link to UCSC Special Collections website.



Exhibition (use of reproduction or in online exhibit)






Re-use in same publication



Re-use in additional promotional use (e.g., publicity posters, etc.)



Social Media Use


Facebook: “like” the UCSC Library’s page so you can tag @ucsclibrary and/ or #ucsclibrary when posting Library images


Twitter: tag @UCSCLibrary and/ or #ucsclibrary when tweeting Library images


Instagram: tag @ucsc_library and/ or #ucsclibrary when sharing Library images



How to Export Digital Images For Free

Images may be exported and saved from the UCSC Library Digital Collections by utilizing the Save to Favorites function. Favorites allows you to save and export images to PowerPoint. The option to add an item to your Favorites is available any time you view an item or its description.

The publication or use of any work protected by copyright beyond that allowed by fair use for research or educational purposes requires written permission from the copyright owner. Responsibility for obtaining permissions, and for any use rests exclusively with the user.

To Add Items to My Favorites:

When you open an item to view it, the link to add items to My Favorites appears in the upper and lower corners of the page. When you open a compound object to view it, links to add either the entire compound object or the page that you are viewing are in the upper middle of the page.

  • Click Save to Favorites. The item and the item description are added to My Favorites. When viewing compound objects, add single pages or add the entire compound object to My Favorites.
  • Click Back to Results to return to browsing or searching.

To Add Multiple Items to My Favorites:

  1. From the browse or search results view, place a check in the check boxes to the left of the desired items, or click Select All.
  2. Click Save to Favorites.

Only the items on the current Web page may be added to My Favorites. For example, you cannot select items on one results page and move to another page to select more items before adding to My Favorites.

Export selected "favorites" as: PowerPoint 2007 file or Zip Archive file

Reproducing Collections in Copyright

UCSC Special Collections & Archives requires written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce certain material from the following collections in our repository. Permission must be sent to prior to reproduction or photography in the reading room. Written permission is required for all fine art photography. This list is not exhaustive, and we may require written permission at the discretion of Special Collections staff.

Ansel Adams Photographs (MS 2)

Bateson Family Papers  (MS 113)

Brett Weston Photographs (MS 405)

Edna Bullock Photographs (MS 325)

Edward Weston Photographs (MS 3)

Gloria Anzaldúa Altares Collection (MS 308)

Gregory Bateson Papers  (MS 98)

Harry Mayo Surfing Photography Collection (MS 405) [Due to restrictions imposed by the donation agreement, UCSC Special Collections is not able to provide reproductions of photographs from this collection. To request a reproduction, contact the Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society at]

Hitchcock Photography Catalogue (MS 116)

Jesse Rabinowitz Photographs (MS 237)

Lou Harrison Papers  (MS 132)

Morley Baer Photographs  (MS 6) [Contact information for the Morley Baer Photography Trust can be found at]

Patricia and Richard Shirk Collection of Photographs (MS 118)

Philip Hyde Photographs (MS 22)

Photographs in the Wynn Bullock Papers (MS 10)

Photographs of John Cage & Norman O. Brown (MS 150)

Raymond Carver Photographs (MS 130)

Richard Shirk Photographs (MS 418)

Seema Weatherwax Papers (MS 154)

Verna Johnston Photographs (MS 91)