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University Library Billing

The University Library seeks to provide a collection that generations of UCSC community members will be able to access, use, and enjoy. To ensure that the items held in the collection remain both available and in good condition fees will be assessed when items are returned late, damaged, or lost.

Why am I being Billed?

  • You have unreturned item(s) that are past the due date and you are being billed a lost item fee.
  • You owe late fees for items returned after the due date.
  • You owe for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items.
  • You owe for Media Center items.
  • The material you returned was damaged

Billing Definitions

  • Replacement Fee/Item Charge: This is the cost of the material for which you have been billed.
    • Once items are returned the replacement fee will be removed from your bill
    • The library does not accept replacement copies purchased by patrons.
  • Processing Fee: This is a late fee that is imposed on any item returned past the grace period.
    • This fee is non-refundable.
  • Billing Fee: A billing fee is levied when a patron is charged for lost materials. 
    • This fee is non-refundable 

General Billing Information

For regular circulating items, courtesy reminders are emailed 3 days before an item is due. A courtesy overdue e-mail is sent 6 days after the item is overdue. A replacement bill is emailed when the item is 45 days overdue.

Patrons may view the status of their accounts on-line or speak with Circulation staff in person or by phone about the status of their account.

  • All categories of library borrowers are expected to return or renew items by the item's due date, or before the end of the item's grace period.
  • All borrowers are subject to billing for overdue material not returned within the specified grace period.
  • All borrowers are allowed to carry a maximum dollar amount on their account for 90 days (faculty/staff/grads—$49.00; undergrads/community/Friends—$24.00).
  • All borrowers who exceed their maximum allowable amount will have their accounts blocked until the item is returned or payment is made.
  • All borrowers who carry any charges (regardless of whether the charge exceeds their maximum allowable amount) on their library account for more than 90 days will have their accounts blocked until payment is made in full.
  • All borrowers are responsible for all of the items checked out on their library account.

Charges not paid after 90 days are sent to Student Business Services for Collection

Student business services charges $17.50 each month for unpaid balances.  The library cannot waive late fees imposed by student business services.

Account Management Strategies

Avoid billing complications by:

  • Managing your account on-line: review due dates, check for recalled items, renew items
  • Contacting Library Circulation staff immediately if you notice discrepancies in your account
  • Returning items to the service desk and asking for a receipt
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards immediately
  • STUDENTS: Keeping your address and email information current via the Student Portal.
  • FACULTY/STAFF/COURTESY: Keeping your address and email information curren by phone or on-line.

** if you want to forward email from your UCSC email account to your preferred email account, go to the ITS Website or ITS Support Center for help.

If you cannot view your account on-line, contact Circulation staff and ask for assistance in managing your account. Staff can renew UCSC owned items for you and staff can alert you to any recalls or charges on your account—McHenry Library: 831-459-5185; Science & Engineering Library, 831-459-5300.

Claims Returned Information

If you think you returned materials, which you are being billed for, you can request to have your items "claimed returned" (searched for).

  • The library provides the Claim Returned process as a courtesy to library users. 
  • Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out to them at all times
  • Initiating the Claim Returned process does not relieve you of the responsibility for items checked out to you.
  • We will thoroughly search the library three times
  • If the item is not found you are responsible for paying the fees. 

This process usually takes about two weeks.  Please contact the Circulation desk to find out the status of your Claim Return.