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HIS 190X: History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824

About this guide

Who is this guide for?

History 190X students

What is in this this guide?

It provides links to databases and other resources in your field of research. These databases contain primary or secondary sources.

When and why should I use it?

Use it when your research project commences. Explore the databases for topic and date coverage. Use it to explore what kinds of primary resources and secondary resources are available to research with. If your not finding sources on your topic, reach out to a librarian to brainstorm and figure out if there are other databases out there you can work with. 

Take a look at the History Research Seminar guide to learn from the experiences of students who already took these courses:

About the Guide's Creator

                            Hello, My name is Annette and I'm the librarian for the Humanities.

If you want to reach me, send me an email at