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History Research Seminar: Best Practices for Students

This guide support students enrolled in the Research Seminars in the History Department.

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The History Research Seminar provides an opportunity to acquire experience in practical research skills while developing a research project culminating in the writing of a substantial research paper. You are starting this class with rich research experience, whether you started at UCSC or transferred here. The courses that came before, especially History 100 and Writing 2, are stepping stones to this class. Your task here is refining your what you know so that it fit the requirements of the Research Seminar you're enrolled in.


So many students have gone before you and we have much to learn from their experiences. This guide was developed from interviews conducted with some of your peers. The following topics where the points at which your peers felt like they could've used extra support:  

Topics choices, "Unconventional" primary resources, The role of secondary sources, and answers the question, Should I use a block quote?


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