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UCSC Library Digital Collections

Takedown Policy


The goal of all of our digital collections is to preserve and provide access to important scholarly information for present and future generations.  To ensure the integrity of the materials preserved therein, this policy governs any request to remove materials published in our digital collections. This policy aims to meet the obligations of copyright, privacy, revision, and access with transparency. In support of its mission, it is generally the policy of the University Library to provide access as broadly as possible to the materials we hold, consistent with our legal and ethical obligations and to remove materials only for compelling legal or ethical reasons.

We encourage you to consider requests to remove material carefully. The content published here has been identified as providing an important part of the cultural, political, and public record and we urge you to let us preserve and make this available over time, even as technology changes. 

Personnel and terms

All requests to take down materials must be made using the Deaccession Request Form. Requests can be for a variety of reasons, including those based on:

The ultimate authority to make decisions regarding takedown lies with the University Librarian. The University Librarian may designate appropriate collection owners and other repository staff to make decisions in the manager’s place.


Metadata and Context

Some descriptions include identification of subjects by race, ethnicity, or physical appearance. These descriptions were derived by Special Collections staff from information provided by the donor and local volunteers.

Unprinted negatives: You can search for "Untitled" to see images that did not come with a caption card bearing a title and are presumed not to have been printed by the artist or photographer. Most unprinted negatives and images simply have "Untitled" as their caption. Some have titles based on similar images that appear to have related content. (from



The UC Santa Cruz Library is committed to making our digital collections accessible to all users, whether they require the use of assistive technologies or use general web browsers. While we have not created captions or provided transcripts for all materials in the digital collections, we will do so upon request.

Getting Help and Requesting captions:

Contact us through the form

or Email: