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Journal & Database (Serial) Cancelation Review Process 2019-2020

Journal Survey Details - COMPLETED JAN 2019


The Survey closed on 1/23/19 and was focused on the local journal subscriptions because these are the subscriptions we have total decision-making authority over.

What was the journal survey?

  • This was a survey about the Library's current locally subscribed journals. It was open to faculty, staff and graduate students and ran from October 11, 2018 to January 23, 2019.
  • Faculty, staff and graduates were asked to tell us about which current journals were most imperative to have access to online or on site to support their research and teaching needs and which journals, while also important, could be accessed through alternative methods like Interlibrary Loan (article delivery averages 2-3 days). 

Why did we do this?

  • The cost of journal subscriptions has significantly outpaced inflation.
  • Inflationary and budgetary pressures forced a UC-wide revision to the historical cost sharing model used to license and pay for UC systemwide journal packages and databases (Wiley, Springer, Project Muse, etc.)

What is the CDL Journal Package List?

The CDL journal packages are big sets of journals we subscribe to across the UC libraries. These journal packages cannot be easily broken up into smaller more cost effective journal packages. All of the campus libraries need to agree about what titles to include and what titles to pay for. These packages are up for review by all of the campus libraries.

What is the database list?

  • The database list includes all of the databases all or most of the UC Libraries pay and subscribe to together.
  • These databases are up for cancelation review by all of the UC campuses right now.
  • Some of these databases may be canceled over the course of the year. UCSC is doing everything it can to keep our subscriptions active, but if too many campuses drop out of the agreement, we could lose access. We will alert you if that happens. 
  • Feedback needed about the databases:
    • please tell us if any of the databases are central to your research, teaching and study needs.

Having this information will be very helpful in communicating updates and letting us know which databases are most important to the campus.


Help with Survey/Feedback