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Journal & Database (Serial) Cancelation Review Process 2019-2020

Updated Timeline for Project

2019-2020 Journal Cancelation Review Timeline

Summer 2019 

  • The Library will analyze the survey results and will prepare a report for COLASC and the campus community.

Fall 2019

  • The Library will share the survey results and analysis with COLASC and will consult about feedback mechanisms to employ in order to allow the campus to comment on the report and the recommendations for possible cancelation.
  • After discussion with COLASC, the Library will post the raw data from the survey, the analysis of the data and the recommendations for possible cancelation.
  • The feedback mechanisms identified by the Library and COLASC will be made available to the campus.

Winter 2020 

  • The Library will review campus feedback with COLASC and make final recommendations about what to cancel.
  • The Library will develop a campus communication plan in consultation with COLASC.

Spring 2020 

  • The Library will move forward with the finalized cancelation list and will communicate effective end dates  to the campus (note: if canceled, most subscriptions would end in either July 2020 or January 2021)

2018-2019 Survey Timeline: See Updated Timeline Above for 2019-2020 process

May 2018-September 2018 - COMPLETED

  • the University Library will be gathering the following data points about our subscriptions:
    • usage data 
    • cost per use
    • availability in Open Access
    • availability in the UC Libraries for Interlibrary Loan

October 2018-January 2019 - COMPLETED

  • the University Library will re-release the title lists with all of the data described above
  • YOU will be asked to make keep/cancel recommendations based on the data we provide and your awareness of programmatic intiatives

February 2019-April 2019 

  • the University Library will review the recommendations and comments - DELAYED until June-August 2019
  • the University Library will release the final list of keep/cancel decisions to the campus - DELAYED until Winter 2020

May 2019 - DELAYED until May 2020

  • the University Library will send cancelation decisions to vendors & publishers