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POLI 102: Doing Research

Citation style guides

Citing requirements for Politics courses

(1) parenthetical citations, also known as in-text citations, or
(2) footnotes

For the in-text system, the department follows the Modern Language Association (MLA); for footnotes, the Chicago Manual of Style.

You can familiarize yourself with the approved citation forms by reading the PDFs posted below.


Avoiding Plagiarism: Mastering the Art of Scholarship
From the UC Davis Library

Oops, I plagiarized!
From the UCLA Library

What is a citation?

What is a citation?
A citation is a description of a book, article, website, or any other source that provides enough information so others can locate the source you used. It allows you to credit the authors of the sources you use and clarify which ideas belong to you and which belong to others.

What information is included?  
Citation information usually includes: author(s), date of publication, title, and publisher's name and location (and for articles: journal title, volume, issue and page numbers).


What is citation management software?

These are tools to help you with formatting and organising citations and bibliographies. Some, such as those included in article databases, are for one-time use; others allow you to save citations on an ongoing basis. Some software includes add-ons that allow you to format your bibliography while you're typing your paper. Overall they save you time, and help you save and keep track of your sources.

Some well-known tools include: 

  • Zotero (free; fee to upgrade storage) 
  • EndNote (free account for UCSC users)