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SOCD 203: Documentary Research Methods and Social Science Representation

Prepare for searches


The Library is not just a building with books. It's a digital space with online holdings. It's a network of libraries, who loan books and articles to one another (especially useful for libraries with small budgets and buildings).


  1. How to sign on to databases
  2. How to find databases
  3. How to access PDF attachments and more

Step 1. Signing on. To Search the resources and databases linked on this guide from your laptop, you'll need to enter your CRUZ ID and Gold Password when prompted. You can go a step further and install the campus VPN for more reliable access. We need to login so that we can access PDF attachments and ebook from behind the paywall.

Step 2 Find databases. To Identify database use the library's research guides or the A-Z databases list, which has a sorting feature. 

Step 3. Accessing PDF attachments and more

  •  UC-eLinks shows up in databases that only describe the sources (these usually only include citations and abstracts). Use it to find PDF attachments of articles, links to ebooks, or information about print books on the shelf in a library. A Request It option lets you request PDF attachments or print books from the shelves of other libraries.