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SPHS 115: El ensayo lectura, analisis y redaccion

Improve your questions and search terms with these videos

Follow the lessons in these videos to avoid the pitfalls of coming up with a topic and searching for sources in a database. A major difficulty getting started with research is knowing what questions to ask and how to keep your questions focused. Map your ideas according to the tips presented in the MAPPING YOUR RESEARCH IDEAS video. Another frustrations is the challenge of finding excellent sources, even though you know what you're looking for. Spend 3 minutes learning about the 3 ways (broadening, narrowing, and synonyms) you can avoid getting stuck with the CRAFTING A SAVVY SEARCH STRATEGY video. A good rule of thumb: Databases have different audiences of readers, so be flexible with your search terms throughout your research.

To follow along with the video:

  1. Have pen or paper (or save your work as a file).
  2. Use the breaks in the video to write your own answers.
  3. If your search terms continue to present problems talk with your professor or TA or contact a librarian.