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HIS 194W: Social Movements in the Modern Middle East

Checklist before searching

OVERVIEW The Library is not just a building with books. It's a digital space with online access to sources. It's a network of libraries that loan books and articles across campuses; this allows you to access sources UCSC library does actually own or subscribe to. 

Before you gets started, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO:

[  ] Sign in.

[  ] Access online items: e-Books viewers, PDF downloads, etc. 

[  ] Improve your searches with Keywords. 

[  ] SIGN IN.

  • When on campus, use Eduroam wifi
  • Use Library Databases (linked on this guide or from the library website) because this will prompt you to enter your CRUZ ID and Gold Password
  • When using UC Library Search remember to Sign In
  • Finally, when off campus, install and connect to the campus VPN


  • Accessing online materials can prove an inconsistent experience--libraries offer a variety of source types on different hosting platforms. If you're having trouble figuring things out, use the Ask Us button to let us know you need assistance.
  • When using library databased be sure to follow promising links to online items. Provided you have signed in using the methods listed in "Sign In," you should be able to access online items such as the following pretty easily: 
    • e-Books, which might have a different appearance based on the hosting platform
    • Journal articles. Follow links for text, including PDFs, or look for the icon for Icon for Get it at UC . This icon links to other options for accessing items, including requesting them from another library.
    • Primary Sources, Newspapers, Images, and Streaming films are also available through Library Databases.
  • If you're not finding what you need on this guide, use the Ask Us button for our recommendations.


Improve your keywords with this 3-minute tutorial