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Spring 2020 Digital Scholarship Support

Digital Scholarship Research Symposium 2020 Presenters:


The Norris Center Archives

Saul Villegas
UCSC Undergraduate, Porter

Introducing photographs of the specimen collection from the Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History to the UCSC campus in an artistic way channels creativity through themes in Art and Natural Science. The Norris Center Archives project centers around highlighting specimens in a visually stimulating way. Using the principles and elements of design, the subjects photographed will be viewed in an exciting contemporary digitized style. In producing this work, the intersectionality of these subjects aimed for students in all majors can be beneficial to the university, its libraries, and collections. Encouraging experimental academic growth and discovery, propelling the arts and sciences as a collective.

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Chile at the Threshold - Man standing in front of a fire and holding a sign that says "Nueva Constitucion o Nada"

Chile at the Threshold

Human Rights investigations Lab, UC Santa Cruz
Research Center for the Americas

Presented by: Angie Valencia, Emma Chaidez-Torres, Monica Estrada, and Yoselyne Cerros

The Human Rights Investigations Lab at UC Santa Cruz launched in Fall 2019 and this is one of the first open source investigations the research team completed.  We are students affiliated with the Research Center for the Americas, and we spent seven months conducting this investigation.  We embarked on this investigation aspiring to use our open source skills in the pursuit of social justice.

Stories from the Epicenter image

Stories from the Epicenter

Daniel Story
UCSC, Digital Scholarship Libarian

Thomas Sawano
​UCSC Undergraduate

Madeline Carpou
UCSC Undergraduate

Stories from the Epicenter is a ten episode documentary podcast about the experience and memory of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in Santa Cruz County, California. It is a production of the UCSC University Library in partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and Santa Cruz Public Libraries. In this panel, the UCSC team discusses the project, the process of collaborating, and some of the unique opportunities and challenges of working in this particular digital medium. The podcast is planned for release in October 2020.


Urban Development & Sprawl in Tokyo

Felix Vazquez
Environmental Studies, Oakes

Urban Development & Sprawl in Tokyo is my senior thesis project done in completing my degree in Environmental Studies. It is a passion project designed to understand the elements that make up the street networks that serve as a city's skeleton. This study explores Tokyo street networks at a variety of scales through the use of Geographic Information Systems and Google Earth VR Street View.

Seeds of something different website screenshot

Seeds of Something Different: The Online Exhibit

Alessia Cecchet
Graduate Student, Dept. of Film and Digital Media

In this presentation, I will walk the audience through the making of the online Exhibit for Seeds of Something Different. This project, that was developed in the span of two years, serves as a companion to the homonymous book and as a gateway to the University Archives held at McHenry Library.

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