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Text Analysis: Sentiment Analysis in R

Join Kristy Golubiewski-Davis to explore how sentiment analysis can be applied to board game reviews.  In this workshop, she will walk you through her process of determining a research question, collecting data, using R to apply sentiment analysis, and preliminary interpretations.  This workflow is based on a larger research project, but will focus on working through the methodology with a single board game so that participants can see the process from start to finish.
The workshop will be presented as a Zoom lecture (link) with an open discussion at the end.  The software that will be used includes:  Octoparse, R, and R Studio.  A list of R packages used in the workshop will be made available here before the workshop.  It is not necessary to have the software downloaded in advance - these are provided for your reference.  The workshop will be presented in a method walkthrough format.

Workshop Resources

Additional Resources

Data Collection:



  • R
  • RStudio
  • R packages: dplyr, ggplot 2, tidytext, wordcloud2, ggrepel


Resources to learn R:


Originally delivered May 5, 2020