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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons

Podcasting Studio

Podcasting RoomMcHenry Library, Room 0344

Record audio files, create  podcasts,  and experiment with sound in the DSC Podcasting Studio. The room offers sound insulation and can be reserved ➚ for recording or interview sessions.
Podcasting equipment ➚ (microphones, audio converter equipment, and a dedicated MacBook Pro) is also available.  

Reserve the Podcasting Studio  ➚ 

Microphone Options

In the David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons, you can check out USB Microphones ➚ to be connected to any laptop or DSC computer or a set of audio equipment ➚, including a microphone, sound mixer, and a laptop configured to record with Garage Band. To record audio directly into a phone or laptop, you may also choose to use headphone microphones, which work well.

For best results, be sure to record in a quiet and tight space without too much room for echoing (closets or insulated rooms will work well).

To set up the sound mixer and microphone:

  1. Connect power cord to sound mixer and make sure the toggle is switched to ON.
  2. Connect microphone wire to microphone on one end and into sound mixer on the end with 3 prongs. If using 1 microphone, insert the connector into the #1 slot. If using more than one microphone, insert into slot #2, #3, #4.
  3. Connect USB cable to sound mixer and laptop.
  4. Turn Laptop on and log in [Username: Podcast Password: Podcast]
  5. See Recording in Garage Band for step-by-step recording instructions