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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons


DSC Lab Workstations 5 - 8McHenry Library, Room 0390A

The DSC Lab provides access to eight high-end workstations with Mac and PC working environments, overhead scanners, and a meeting area with a large 4k screen. This space is reservable for class sessions, workshops, and project team meetings. The lab, equipment, and space reservations are available to USCS affiliates.

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Reserve space in the DSC Lab  ➚ 


The Digital Scholarship Commons workstations enable digital experimentation with new tools and methods. To access the new workstations, REGISTER for PASSWORD by filling out this form ➚

DSC Lab Hours

Quarter Hours

Sunday - Thurs. 10am - 10:30pm
Friday                10am - 5pm
Saturday            11am - 7pm

Summer Quarter Hours

Monday - Thurs  1pm - 8pm
Friday                  1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Break Hours

Monday - Friday  1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Extended Hours

Sunday - Thurs. 10am - 2am
Friday                10am - 12am
Saturday            11am - 12am 


DSC Support Hours

During weeks 3-10 of each quarter, DSC and Digital Initiatives staff provide walk-in support for:

  • Digital projects
  • Audio/Visual Digitization
  • Digital Exhibit Building
  • Basic 3D modeling
  • Mapping

Our support hours typically remain the same from week to week but may change.  Support for class assignments can only be provided during the posted hours.  All support hours are held in the David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons.  Email with questions.

General Support

Google Maps
Google Earth
Google Sites
Adobe Spark
Timeline JS

Audio / Visual Digitization

Text Scanning
Image Scanning
Digitizing VHS tapes
Digitizing Cassette tapes

Digital Exhibit Building



Story Maps
Batch Geo

Basic 3D Modeling

Sketch Up


DSC Lab Feedback

Submit feedback and software requests through this online form ➚. Contact with questions.​